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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok, so I may re-tool my blog. Still include fiction but branch out to other topics as well. In that spirit today I'm going to discuss one of my frustrations with Ubuntu.

Before I go any further... I love Ubuntu. In an age where one must choose between Microsoft which charges too much for software and Apple which charges too much for hardware (and doesn't allow you to use their operating system on any other hardware); Ubuntu is a wonderful (read: free) alternative that can do almost anything you want.

My frustration comes from my inability to easily uninstall Evolution (the email reader that comes with Ubuntu) You can uninstall the program, but that requires you to uninstall Ubuntu Dashboard. So I hope you have shortcuts to everything on your desktop if you do this. However reinstalling Dashboard automatically re-installs Evolution.

I came to Linux to only use software I wanted. And not have to uncheck all the stupid updates for the program I don't use. Oh well, rant over.

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