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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Writer's Block

I sat down tonight to do some writing... not really because I normally set writing time aside like I should, but because I have an urge to write something. The only problem is I'm not able to get the words out of my head. I tend to have this problem alot. I know what I want to say, but I can't seem to make it come out right. Grr!!! I don't even know what character I want to focus on tonight. I have many... I just don't know.

For the passerbys, how do y'all solve writer's block? Anything special that you do? I have a whole host of writing excercises but I never can seem to find one that I want to do. I have about half a dozen stories that I've started on and never finished, but I can't seem to find a muse to smile on me.

I RP (role play) at a site called the Gungan Council. I have about three characters that are currently active there (well they would be if I was currently active, but RL has given me little time... and also took away that creative outlet for me). Here's a brief synopsis of what's going on in their worlds. BTW TGC is a Star Wars RP community.

Skelosh Delaroche: my main character that I've had since May of 2002. I'd have to say that he's the one that I love the most. He's an albino human that grew up on Kashyyyk. He turned to the Darkside after his father was killed by a Sith assassin. Recently he just made Sith Master, which has me very excited. He's also just found a book that he's been searching for since late 2002. The book is On Future Sight by Darth Sidious. Skelosh has been obsessed with unlocking the keys to knowing the future before it happens. Recently his financee returned to Ziost with the hopes of resuming their relationship, which has been on the rocks for months, but now that Skelosh is so close to his goal, he can't have Aurelia interfering.

Jaeger Delaroche: Skelosh's unknown, until recently, nephew. It's a long story, but Jaeger has been running around the galaxy with the heiress Kassidy Wayne (who just so happens to be Aurelia's little sister). Jaeger is torn between starting his training as a Sith and continuing to run around the galaxy with the woman of his dreams.

Solek Cole: This brings me to my Imperial sniper. I wanted to have a non-Force using character in my lineup and at the time I had just read the historical fiction book Sharpshooter so I based the character off of the antihero in the book. It may have been bad timing because that was also in the middle of the D.C. Sniper stuff that was going on. Solek doesn't really have many grand plans as of yet. He's in the Special Ops squadron, and is enjoying paying the Republic back for killing his family. I'm still looking for a place to go with him characterwise.


Anonymous Pidge said...

I don't get writer's block because I don't write. Sorry. But I will be your muse! ;-)

10:43:00 PM  

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