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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I don't exactly need another blog... I have too many already that I don't keep up with. I intend to use this one to talk about some of my writings, maybe I'll post a few flash fictions and some journaling for my characters. Most everything will be work in progress, but this could be a good outlet. Some of you may know me as Skelosh Dlearoche from Ezboard... or one of the many other SNs I went under. For the rest of you, that means a bit of it will be SW related. I can't help it I'm just a geek like that.

Other vitals are I'm 21, I originally hail from Ft. Worth, Texas. But I'm now going to MSU in Wichita Falls. I'm technically a junior but I won't be graduating for a couple and a halfish years. Currently I'm an Accounting major, but I've also held History, Psychology, Sociology, and Theatre as majors. I have the most wonderful girlfriend that I could imagine. She's a Junior in college as well and transfering to MSU in the Fall. For some reason God dropped her in my lap and I thank Him for her every day.

I doubt I'll have any more posts for more than a week because Saturday I'm heading to Arkansas for a week. It's the Summer Camp Meeting. Basically a week long Gospel meeting. This site might not get updated as often as I like but I plan on trying to update at least weekly with some sort of work.

Please don't plagarize my stories. Believe it or not... I do work on them, and spend a lot of time on them.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


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