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Friday, June 30, 2006

Camp Meeting

I'm leaving for a week to go to a Gospel Meeting. But to whet the appetite of those who found this site in the mean time, I'm posting another old story. This is from some of my Star Wars characters that don't get much exposure. I don't play any of them, but I still wanted to write down their stories. Keep in mind that I do not own SW, it belongs to George Lucas, I'm just borrowing it for a bit.

"I Gotta Stop Pointing Guns at People"

"Put the gun down and no one else will get hurt." The calm voice did anything but match the carnage that surrounded it. Dyn glanced at Dojii, his green insides still oozing from the Verpine's exoskeleton. Next to the slicer lay Esseri, her eyes now glassy and lifeless. Still Dyn aimed his DH-17 at Vigo Atrin like his life depended on it, indeed it did. A squadron of armor-clad soldiers nervously fingered their weapons waiting for the Vigo to give them the order to open fire.

The entire plan had gone to Nustafar the minute that the group arrived on Asteroid B-1533. That particular asteroid was home to the biggest casino on the Outer Rim... and still controlled by the Black Sun. Months of planning and several liver were scattered about the hangar floor. But the casino's credits were safely aboard the Transport Wayfarer, a ship Esseri had stolen specifically for this job.

"You didn't really think you'd get away with this, did you, Mr. Grimmer? Not you and your rag-tag Outlaw Alliance," Atrin taunted. The Vigo shook his head. "Really, a group of a few thieves and smugglers against the entire Black Sun. I'm actually suprised you all made it this far."

The metal of the loading ramp clanged loudly as Dyn walked back down off the ship. Every sound echoed throughout the cavernous hangar. The wounded slicer and the dead Esseri were both too far away. Dyn would never be able to get them back to the ship before the guards opened fire. Dyn never took the gun off Atrin.

"You killed my friends. Snuffed out their lives as if it meant nothing. Then you mock their sacrifice? Don't forget that you'll be as dead as a Kryat Dragon on Hoth before your friends could do anything about it." Dyn's voice was hoarse and cracked, he had been up for three standard days and the adreniline pumping through his blood stream was the only thing keeping him from falling over.

The Vigo's smile said "go to mustafar." "You shouldn't blame me, Mr. Grimmer, it was your own sentient that betrayed you."

Dyn's eyes narrowed and his upper lip curled back like a rabid Kath hound. "None, of my men would ever betray me." The Outlaw Alliance stuck together, if they didn't any number of groups could easily dislodge them from power on Nar Shaddaa. The anger at that charge alone almost caused Dyn to pull the trigger.

"But it's true." The Vigo pressed his luck, assuming that he had the upper hand. "Mr. Maverick, please show your friend that I'm not a liar." The Vigo spat the word friend revealing the mockery he believed griendship to be. The guards stipped aside to make a path for the tall Falleen bounty hunter known only in the Basic tongue as Maverick.

Esseri had begged Dyn not to let the ex-Black Sun assassin in on the job. She knew then that the Falleen would be a traitor. Dyn shifted his aim from Vigo Atrin to Maverick. The bounty hunter was the reason it all went SOuth. "You don't deserve to live." Tears streamed down his face. How could one of the Outlaw Alliance betray them?

"You don't just stop being Black Sun, Dyn. It's not a social club that people just rotate their way in and out of." The reptilian's cold voice disgusted Dyn. Trying to justify betrayal always did. Maverick turned his attention to the Vigo, ignoring the blaster Dyn had trained on him. "That being said, Vigo, I must request that you ask your ment to lower their weapons."

Before the Vigo had time to protest, Dyn noticed the cap of the pen in Vigo Atrin's breast pocket flashing red. Maverick held up a small cylindrical device that he was depressing the button on. "I'm afraid that if I take the pressure off this button, everyone within ten meters of the Vigo will meet a very explosive end." The savage grin, that only a Falleen could make, spread across his face. Echos filled the hangar as all the guards tossed down their weapons. They weren't paid enough to lay down their lives for the Black Sun.

"You fools, you think that the coward would kill himself? THe Black Sun will have all of your lives when they hear about this." The Vigo's voice finally shattered the calm personna that he tried to display.

Dyn holstered his blaster for the first time in hours. A lungful of air escaped his lips as the last part of the plan came together flawlessly. The smuggler ran over to Esseriand put his ear over her mouth. SHe was alive, but just barely. He struggled to drag Dojii and Esseri to the Wayfarewr as Maverick made sure the guards didn't jump him.

"You're not going to report this to the Black Sun," Maverick said. "We only took the money that you skim off the top. The Sun's cut is still in the vault." Maverick walked backwards up the boarding ramp. "You'd be a bigger fool that you look if you contacted your bosses about this."

As the boarding ramp closed Maverick tossed the bomb trigger out into the hangar. The Vigo and the guards flinched as it hit the ground and the pen exploaded. Ink ran down the Vigo's pocket. The Wayfarer shot off into space.


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woohoo for the camp meeting!!!!

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just dropping by to say hello

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